The Best Disability Lawyers in Charlotte, NC

Are you suffering from a physical or mental condition that is preventing you from getting hired? You might qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (abbreviated as SSD or SSDI).

You don’t need an attorney to apply for a Social Security Disability Insurance, but your chances of being approved are much higher if you have competent social security disability lawyers by your side.

If you have been denied and want to appeal the decision, or if you simply don’t want to take any chances when applying for the first time, we have composed a list of the best disability lawyers in Charlotte, NC.

Featured Law Firm: DeMayo Law Offices

DeMayo Disability Lawyer Logo

Established in 1992 by attorney Michael A. DeMayo, DeMayo Law Offices employs more than 120 members of legal staff–all ready to help you.

The firm and its founder have both received numerous accolades by clients and fellow social security disability lawyers. Their reputation is particularly impressive considering they have represented an astonishing 93,000 individual clients in cases involving everything from personal injury to product liability.

Aside from securing close to a billion dollars in recovery for their clients, they have been actively giving back to the community through their educational programs, pro bono work, and scholarships to promising students.


DeMayo Law Offices can not only help you with the best social security disability attorney in Charlotte, NC, but they can also help with:

  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death
  • Automobile accidents
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Worker’s compensation


Their office in Charlotte, NC is staffed with over70 legal professionals and lawyers ready to offer their services, thus guaranteeing that your case is going to get all the attention it deserves.

You can contact them 24/7 for your initial free consultation toll-free at (877) 529-1222. If you rather contact their office in Charlotte, NC, which is can be conducted in either English or Spanish. Alternatively, you can reach out through the contact form or live chat on their website.

Average Cost

When it comes to handling SSDI applications, a social security disability lawyer is entitled to a quarter (25%) or up to $6000 of the disability backpay you receive if your application is successful.

However, you may also be charged for the additional costs that the firm may have incurred, for instance: in the process of obtaining your medical records or anything of the sort.

Online Reviews

Client reviews of DeMayo Law Offices are overwhelmingly positive. They have 4.6 stars out of an impressive sample of 582 reviews. Most of the reviewers describe them as caring and tactful.

Naturally, good reviews are useless if they don’t manage to secure results, but according to the vast majority of reviewers, they did even when the odds were against them.

Why Did We Choose Them?

Even though other law firms included in the list are great contenders, none came close to the incredible reputation of DeMayo Law Offices. From years of experience and the number of clients successfully represented, through different accolades the firm has received from their peers to their involvement in the community–DeMayo Law Offices is the obvious choice.

Law Firm #2: Vet Law

Disability Lawyer for Veterans

Specializing in Social Security Disability for veterans who are unable to work because of a service-connected disability, Vet Law comes in second place. Brendan Garcia, who is himself a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, founded Vet Law back in 2015.

With this kind of experience, you can be sure that he is not only highly invested in securing the best possible outcomes for his clients, but also that he is more than capable of actually doing so. Joined by Matthew White in 2017, Mr. Garcia and Vet Law are currently offering their services to all residents of North Carolina, regardless of their exact location.


Highly committed to ensuring that veterans are not denied social security, they are as a good a disability attorney can be. They can help you with:

  • Supplemental Security Income applications
  • Social Security Disability Income applications
  • SSI and SSDI eligibility assessment
  • Appealing SSI and SSDI denials
  • Gathering evidence to prove eligibility


You can contact Vet Law at any time of the day either by completing the contact form on their website or by dialing (844) 292-2722. Even though their offices are not located in Charlotte, they have successfully represented clients from all over North Carolina. If you so choose, you can also arrange to have your free consultation by video chat.

Average Cost

They won’t charge you for the initial free consultation and case evaluation, and that their fees for appealing your application to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals or before any of the 56 Regional Offices will be based on the amount of payment they manage to secure for you.

Online Reviews

The only places where we managed to find reviews of this firm (aside from the testimonials on their site) were Google Reviews and their Facebook page, but the sheer amount of goodwill and praise they have received on these two platforms seems quite enough to recommend them.

Review after review describes them as relentless in fighting for their clients, with some reviewers even claiming they would have given up if not for the encouragement from Brendan and Matthew. The only reviewer on Google which gave them less than 5 stars did so because they didn’t return his call. If that is the worst they can do, there’s no reason to dismiss their services if you need veteran social security disability.

Law Firm #3: Farmer & Morris

Disability Lawyers in Charlotte Logo

The story of Farmer & Morris begins back in 1952 when A. Clyde Tomblin founded Tomblin and Perry Attorneys in Spindale, NC. In 2006, after Mark Morris and Andrea Farmer joined the firm, it was renamed to its current name.

In other words, the firm has been around in one shape or another for seventy years, providing its services to residents of both South and North Carolina.


Aside from helping people with Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance applications, attorneys at Farmer & Morris are renowned experts in several other practice areas, including but not limited to:

  • Wrongful death
  • Estate law
  • Traffic law
  • Criminal defense
  • Construction law
  • Business law


The offices of Farmer & Morris (three of them in Charlotte, NC, and one in South Carolina) are open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. However, since they don’t have an office in Charlotte, and since everything related to SSDI or SSI applications can be done remotely, it would be best if you contacted them through the form on their site, or by dialing (828) 759-5709 for their Rutherfordton office.

Average Cost

The same rules apply to Farmer & Morris- the attorney fees amount to 25% of the disability payback and can’t go over the $6000–, aside from the additional costs that the attorneys may have incurred.

Online Reviews

Seeing how their reviewers almost unanimously described the team at Farmer & Morris as competent, and meticulous, it’s not surprising to find they have rather enviable ratings on most relevant review platforms. This includes a 4.9 stars score on Google Reviews, where 149 reviewed them, and a 100% recommended score on Martindale-Hubbell, where 15 of their former clients decided to grade them.

Law Firm #4: Marcellino & Tyson

North Carolina Disability Attorneys

Founded in 2010 in North Carolina by Matthew T. Marcellino and Bryan L. Tyson, Marcellino & Tyson has since won numerous awards, including some of their members being included in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He was also declared by the National Advocates as Top 40 Under 40 and was rated as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers. What’s more important, however, is their impressive track record in serving their clients with social security disability.


As a major part of their services, their work with people who have any kind of issues related to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) includes assistance with:

  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Long-term disability applications
  • Short-term disability applications
  • Health insurance claims
  • Executive compensation claims
  • Life insurance
  • Retirement plans


Marcellino’s Charlotte, North Carolina office is open Monday through Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM, so feel free to send them an email at [email protected], use their online contact form to provide the details of your case, or give them a call at (704) 919-1519.

Average Cost

ERISA law rules may differ, but if you are thinking about retaining Marcellino & Tyson as your disability lawyers, purely meant to help with an SSDI application, everything we said before applies.

So, to reiterate, the amount equal to a quarter of the social security backpay you receive will be deducted from your compensation, and you might be charged for the additional costs.

Online Reviews

Even though the firm hasn’t been reviewed on many platforms, the overwhelming majority of positive reviews they have received on Google seems enough to create at least some kind of an impression on Marcellino & Tyson.

Their attorneys are most commonly described as knowledgeable, as well as highly professional and efficient. As a matter of fact, out of the 27 former clients that reviewed them only three gave them less than five stars, resulting in a 4.6 overall rating.


Being unable to provide for yourself and your family is a horrific blow, but a competent social security disability attorney can substantially alleviate it.

If you have been trying to apply for SSDI on your own and kept getting rejected, hopefully, this post will help you find an attorney so that you can move on with your life.

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