Best Divorce Attorneys in Charlotte, NC

Divorce, even when it’s your best option, is a pain in the ass. The outcome of the trial will influence everything from how often you will get to see your children and whether you will have to deal with support alimony, to what your relationship with your former spouse is going to be like.

With that in mind, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of finding counsel that is both tactful and effective. In case you are interested in having a competent divorce attorney, we have compiled a list of the highest-rated divorce attorneys Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Sodoma Logo

While this firm opened its door relatively recently in 2008, its founder and current managing principal Nicole H. Sodoma and her expert team can boast more than 100 years of combined experience.

While they initially focused on family law, they have not only expanded to include other practice areas but have also opened several offices in North and South Carolina alike. No less than three of those offices are located right here in Charlotte, all located in buildings more than a century old with an intact historical splendor.

Multiple locations, a large and experienced team, and the fact that they never allow themselves to be stretched thin by taking on too much work, combine to ensure that each case they handle gets their full and undivided attention.


As we mentioned before, Sodoma Law initially offered only services related to just one practice area, but they have grown to include the following:

  • Family law, including separation or divorce litigation, custody and alimony disputes, post and prenuptial agreements, etc.
  • Business law and bankruptcy relief counseling
  • Estate planning, covering everything from wills and trust formation to related fiduciary services
  • Employment law, helping employers deal with everything from severance agreements to Employment Security Commission claims
  • Entertainment and sports law, ensuring that your work and your earnings are protected


Out of the five offices that Sodoma Law currently has, three of them are in Charlotte, one in Monroe, and one in Rock Hill in South Carolina. They will gladly welcome you in any of them between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

You can fill out the contact form on their site that we’ve linked above or dial (704) 442-0000 to reach any of their Charlotte offices.

Average Cost

Like most law firms, Sodoma Law only discloses their rates when contacted regarding a particular case, but from some of the online reviews, they don’t seem to be on the cheaper side. Combined with the fact that they don’t seem to be offering pro bono work, you might need to set a decent sum aside to hire their services. Compared to how much a competent lawyer can help you save, the cost of hiring them seems like a mere trifle.

Online Reviews

Browsing through the online reviews of Sodoma Law on sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Avvo and FindLaw seem to indicate that they have the most competent, approachable, and highly dedicated team of divorce attorneys.

Client and peer reviews are for the most part positive, with some complaints worth mentioning (read next section).


Even though they were more or less uniformly praised by reviewers, some customers voiced their displeasure. However, most of these clients lost their cases for which they hired Sodoma Law, so it’s natural they wouldn’t be too pleased by the outcome.

These reviews mostly focused on the clients having to pay substantial fees without getting the desired results in return. Again, while their frustration is understandable, it needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as no law firm can guarantee a positive outcome, or (unless with contingency-based payments) decide to waive their fee if the client is not entirely happy.

Why Did We Choose Them?

They seem to be excellent at what they do. Aside from a couple of former clients complaining about the pricing, they don’t seem to have any real faults.

They have a large team of expert lawyers. They seem to place a high emphasis on keeping their workload on a level which allows those lawyers to get invested in a client’s case, instead of having to think about a dozen of other cases at the same time.

With three convenient locations in Charlotte, a reputation for friendliness and effectiveness, and a success rate that most other firms would envy, Sodoma Law seems like a natural choice for our top pick.

Firm #2: Jetton & Meredith Law

Jetton Law Firm Logo

Founded in 2009 by Mark S. Jetton, Jr. and Eric S. Meredith, Jetton & Meredith Law PLLC has since received much acclaim. Their numerous awards and countless testimonies from satisfied clients positions them as one of the premium options for those looking for a competent divorce lawyer in Charlotte, NC.

With an office in Charlotte, four attorneys, and a capable team of paralegals and assistants, Jetton & Meredith Law might be able to help you not only with a divorce but also with other legal issues.


Even though they are also experts in criminal defense, personal injury law, and worker’s compensation, their primary practice area remains family law. Give them a call if you need assistance with:

  • Divorce mediation and arbitration
  • Domestic violence issues
  • Military divorce
  • Composing a prenuptial agreement
  • Alimony or child support
  • Custody issues


While their Charlotte office is open on workdays from 8 AM to 5 PM, it might be simpler if you at least outlined your case for them either through the form available on their site or by dialing (704) 931-5535. Naturally, if you do decide to use the contact form, you should refrain from providing more information than absolutely needed, as the attorney-client relationship doesn’t protect this line of communication.

Like most of the other law firms in Charlotte, they also provide their services in Spanish.

Average Cost

While they don’t disclose their prices, they claim their fees are “reasonable, fair, and competitive.” While this is not saying much, they are also willing to work some cases on the contingency basis, i.e., they only charge you if you win the case or settlement. However, this option most commonly applies to personal injury cases, and might not be available if you are interested in the family law aspect of their services.

Online Reviews

With an impressive 4.9 stars from 329 reviews on Google, Jetton & Meredith Law seem to be considered efficient, capable, and caring by a vast majority of their former clients.

They are praised not just for their determination, but also for their ‘bedside manner’ in handling delicate divorces. Since this is one of the areas of law where emotions are always running high, tactfulness and compassion are by no means irrelevant traits in an attorney who might be representing you.

Firm #3: Arnold & Smith Law

Arnold and Smith Law Logo

When Matt Arnold and J. Bradley Smith decided to join their forces in 2007 and start their joint practice under the name of Arnold & Smith Law, PLLC, their main focus wasn’t family law, but criminal defense.

Since their humble beginnings in an attic, they have expanded into other practice areas, all while building what is now an impressive reputation.


When it comes to family law, they can help you with:

  • Absolute divorce litigation
  • Collaborative divorce mediation
  • Spousal and child support
  • Child custody issues
  • Injury to personal or real property
  • Paternity fraud


With three offices in North Carolina (Charlotte, Mooresville, and Monroe), their services are available to all of the residents of the state. While their office hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, you can use their online contact form to inquire about their services at any time of the day.

Naturally, if you don’t feel comfortable sending the details of your case this way, you can also reach them by dialing (704) 370-2828.

Average Cost

They don’t offer pro bono work, but they do have contingency-based fees for their services in the area of personal injury law. They might be able to help you recover their costs from your former spouse in cases involving post-separation support and alimony claims.

Online Reviews

Since the only negative reviews we could find seem to be coming from people who have lost the cases, they seem to be rather well-liked and respected. With equally impressive reviews on Google and, they are very approachable and highly competent, which is pretty much all that you can ask for in a divorce attorney.


Their consultation prices seem to be on the expensive side ranging up to $500. However, since this information came from an online review, it is to be taken with some reservation.

Firm #4: PRJC PC

PRJC Divorce Logo

Standing for Plumides, Romano, Johnson, and Cacheris, PRJC PC was founded in 2015 by John G. Plumides, who already had decades of experience and has earned numerous honors during his prolific career. He is recognized as one the Heroes of Our Bar by the Mecklenburg County Bar in 2003.

Today, his son Gregory John Plumides and his partners Michael Romano, Richard B. Johnson, and Jon Cacheris work together in helping the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina deal with a range of legal issues, from spousal support and child custody to problems not even related to family law.


Aside from being able to help you with worker’s compensation, criminal defense, and injury law, PRJC PC is mostly involved in dealing with:

  • Post-separation property division
  • Alimony and child support matters
  • Negotiating custody and visitation rights
  • Protection from domestic violence
  • Modifications to already made court orders
  • Prenup and postnup agreements


PRJC PC will happily receive you in their Charlotte office on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, but you can also reach them by dialing (704) 226-4782 or through the contact form on their website, linked above.

Average Cost

While they didn’t choose to disclose their prices, comments made by their previous clients seem to imply that they are well worth the cost.

Online Reviews

With an impeccable 5.0 stars on Google Reviews and an excellent rating on Avvo, PRJC PC is very well-liked by their clients, who seem to regard this legal team as highly efficient, diligent, and affordable. Aside from a lot of professional praise they have received, these divorce lawyers also seem to have struck a personal note with many of their clients, getting stellar reviews.

Firm #5: Coggin Law

Coggin Divorce Law Logo

Founded in 2007 by Gerry Crouch Coggin II, Coggin Law has since been establishing itself as one of the best family law firms in Charlotte. Joined by Emily Bretz, Gerry has kept the firm’s focus on family law, and together, they have helped countless residents of North Carolina through what has to be one of the toughest ordeals anyone has to face, i.e., legal separation.


Solely focused on family law, Coggin law can assist you with:

  • Alimony disputes
  • The division of property
  • Separation or divorce
  • Alienation of affection
  • Problems with domestic violence
  • Breach of the separation agreement


With 9 to 5 workdays, reaching them in their Charlotte office shouldn’t be a problem, but you can also send an email directly to Gerry or Emily (emails listed on the Contact Us page of their website), or give them a call at (704) 376-1066.

Average Cost

They don’t list or mention any prices, but the reviews left by their clients seem to indicate that their fees are entirely within the industry norms.

Online Reviews

While they don’t have a strong presence on various review platforms, what reviews they did get on Avvo and Google tell a story of extreme professionalism, excellent client relations, and a personal touch that never impeeds on their efficiency and dedication.


Choosing a firm to represent you during the divorce proceedings may turn out to be one of the more critical decisions you’ll ever get to make, and as such is not to be taken lightly.

High emotional and financial stakes are more than likely to place additional strain on your during this time, which is why you need to keep a cool head and do as much research beforehand as you can, and we hope that we have at least given you a good starting point.

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