We Tried The Best EULA Generators (Heres What We Found)

Any online business that offers products, services, or software for purchase must include an End User License Agreement (EULA) that customers must agree to before the transaction can take place. At Charlottelaw we understand that identifying a good EULA from a bad one can be confusing, which is why we go over common questions and then list the best End User Licensing agreement generators.

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What is an EULA?

An End-User License Agreement (EULA), also called Licensed Application End-User Agreement, is a legally binding agreement between the owner of a product and the customer. Put more technically, an end-user license agreement is a contract between the licensor of a product or service and the licensee.

When is a EULA needed?

EULAs are important for protecting the rights of the business owner and critical for defining the rules of use and managing the expectations of the customer. The end-user license agreement EULA is a necessary legal document for every business that offers a service or product for purchase.

The EULA will help you to set the conditions of your license agreement with your customer. You can explain what the customer is allowed and is not allowed to do with the software, the conditions under which their access might be limited or terminated, copyright conditions, among others.

Here are some other situations where you may need a EULA:

  • If you need to make disclosures related to consumer rights (legally required disclosures include withdrawal and cancellation rights)
  • If your service or software has different user levels such as non-registered vs registered.
  • If your platform facilitates or processes payments and/ or other sensitive data.
  • If you need to set the rules for the customer’s behavior and state the grounds for account termination.
  • Provide a software or service that could potentially cause harm used improperly.
  • If you would like to have legally enforceable control over how your app, product, or website can be used.
  • If you or your clients participate in affiliate programs

How Does EULA Generator Work?

EULA Generators usually ask you a series of questions to help determine the exact kind of business you are running and what kind of services or products your business provides.

Once you answer the questions, the generator can then make an accurate assessment of the different clauses your EULA needs and includes the allowances you want to provide your customers in relation to your software.

After the EULA generator ‘generates’ your licensing agreement will either be emailed to you or the generator will have a downloadable file.

Are EULA Generators Worth it?

The answer is simple: it depends. If you chose a reputable EULA generator, it is definitely worth it. On the other hand, using a cheap licensing agreement template or hiring a subpar EULA generator can leave your company exposed and uncompliant with international law.

End-User License Agreement Generators are cheap, fast, and easy to use. A business that is just starting out may not have the resources to hire a law firm to create a thorough EULA. If your business fits that profile, or maybe you like to run a fiscally tight business, then a EULA generator is perfect for you.

Best End-User License Agreement Generators:

The end-user license agreement (EULA) is necessary for every business that offers a service or software for purchase. Paying top lawyers is too expensive and EULA templates may not be compliant. The best EULA generators are:

  1. Termsfeed
  2. RocketLawyer
  3. Iubenda

1. Termsfeed

Termsfeed offers a great EULA generator with an intuitive platform and plenty of customization options. Most of Termsfeed’s options, however, are behind a paywall, so if you want to make the best of the generator the free version won’t cut it. Thankfully, they charge a one-time modest fee as opposed to several alternatives that either host the EULA for you or charge you on a monthly basis.

To generate a EULA with Termsfeed all you have to do is click on the “Generate EULA” button. Doing so will display a series of simple questions intended to help Termsfeed generate a EULA tailored to your specific needs.

The generation process takes around 5 minutes as opposed to the entire day that it would take to work with an attorney or using a cheaper template license agreement. After you have completed the question process you must provide your email to download your EULA. After providing your email you can download the EULA directly from the site which is great to see.

As an added feature, Termsfeed offers free hosting services if you rather have them host your EULA. We do not recommend that you have them host your EULA, as the effectiveness of your EULA relies on your customers having to acknowledge it before being able to use your software.

Termsfeed is not limited to EULA generators, they can generate a wide range of legal documents–all of the highest caliber. From Privacy Policies to Cookies and Terms & Conditions, we reviewed Termsfeeds policies with great detail. Click to read more.

2. RocketLawyer EULA Generator

Rocket Lawyer is a wide-ranging legal platform that offers all the essential legal services ranging from legal documents and legal advice to business registration in the United States.

Their EULA document generator does not simply present a list of questions that you fill out, instead the generator presents one question at a time and actively determines which other questions are relevant based on your answers. This results in a faster EULA that is still in compliance.

Rocket Lawyer has a monthly subscription, which means that for a low monthly fee you gain access to unlimited legal policies and legal attorneys.

If you don’t need constant legal advice and your business doesn’t need to generate legal policies often, you can get a free trial and download your EULA for free. They do ask for your payment information, so remember to cancel your free 7-day trial or pay the low $5 per month to generate unlimited documents.

Rocketlawter’s monthly subscription model can be great for small businesses that require legal documents on a regular basis. However, for companies with a simple business model, paying a monthly subscription may not be the best fit.

3. Iubenda EULA Generator

Iubenda offers high-caliber solutions that help keep your business and applications compliant with the law. Unlike most competitors, Iubenda doesn’t just generate legal documents, it offers a complete 360-degree legal document management service.

Iubenda is not the cheapest option, after all, they are targetted for organizations that need attorney-level solutions. They do offer a free plan, but as with most competitors, we don’t recommend going with free EULAs as a whole as they usually put your website, desktop, or mobile app or business at risk. You don’t want to cheap put on your website’s EULA.

At first glance, paying a monthly fee for a document seems unreasonable. Especially considering competitors like TermsFeed charge a low one-time fee.

Don’t be fooled, Iubenda’s subscription may greatly benefit your business!

The monthly fee includes Iubenda’s legal team. Instead of paying a professional attorney to keep an eye on the law and constantly update your legal agreements, Iubenda offers this service in their paid packages. It’s cheap too, you get all that for either $2 per month or $11 per month. Any time a new law could affect your business Iubenda adjusts your agreements respectively.


Protecting your business from any potential liability should be top of your priorities. Don’t settle for a cheap EULA template. Don’t overpay hiring expensive attorneys. Generate your own customized EULA with any of the aforementioned generators and get the best of both worlds.

Automated services aren’t always perfect, so make sure to give your EULA a good read before publishing it. That being said, any of the options above, assuming you enter the information correctly, should do the trick.

If you need a privacy policy for your websites and apps, check our article on the best privacy policies (we included snapshots).

Editor's Choice: TermsFeed EULA Generator