The Charlotte School of Law Library

The Charlotte Law School Library was located at 2145 Suttle Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was the library of the Charlotte School of Law, which closed down in 2017.

The library had its doors opened for students and faculty members across over 12 hours on both weekdays and weekends during the academic year. It also offered an electronic database, which housed all electronic resources the library had access to, available to students both on and off-campus.

The Charlotte Law School Library was proud to host the largest and most comprehensive collection of law books and resources in western North Carolina. As the school was focused on hands-on and real-life skills, aiming to give its students relevant experiences during their studies, the library reflected this approach in its selection of books and references.

Charlotte School of Law Building

Students were encouraged to spend plenty of time in the library working on their research skills, one of the foundations of their future law practice. Meanwhile, the school’s faculty turned to the law library to update and upgrade their curriculum year in and year out.

Through its membership program, the library was also accessible to attorneys, judges, law firms and legal departments, and any other legal professional who needed to use it. It was also open to the general public and anyone interested in the practice and intricacies of the law, who could visit the library one day a week. Members enjoyed access during the library’s extended hours, as opposed to general visitors.

The library also ran a blog, sharing news and updates from the Charlotte School of Law campus and news regarding its collections. Not only that, but the library blog was also a space that brought to light and discussed new developments in the field of law.

The Charlotte School of Law’s Law Library boasted a first-rate collection of legal books and references, which included:

  • United States statutes, regulations, and case law
  • Case law for all 50 states of the United States of America
  • Statutes for all 50 states of the United States of America
  • An extensive collection of North Carolina as well as South Carolina law digests, law encyclopedias, practice guides, and legal education materials
  • Major treaties in banking and finance, UCC, constitutional law, educational law, intellectual property, corporate and securities law, civil and criminal procedure, tax law, administrative law, e-commerce, and international law.
  • Over 200 law reviews and journals

As the school was adamant about providing first-hand legal experiences to its students and required them to do pro bono work before they could graduate, the library proved to be an invaluable resource to all Charlotte Law students.

Its work was specifically tailored to accommodate the hours and needs of the college’s varied student body, including both full-time and part-time law students, as well as those who attended the evening classes of Charlotte Law.
The law library was closed together with the Charlotte School of Law.